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Braintree Payments Integration

123FormBuilder provides a very simple way to receive Braintree payments with your forms. You will be able to accept donations, orders and subscription fees easy as 1-2-3.

1. How to set up the integration with Braintree

Please go to the Form Settings Payments section. Under Payment Processors, select Braintree in Payment Gateway and hit Add payment gateway.


Next, you have to enter your Braintree Merchant ID, Public Key and Private Key. You can find them in your Braintree Payments Dashboard. You can find more about the Plan ID below. Don’t forget to enable the payment gateway on your Braintree transaction report

After you customize the settings according to your needs, simply click on Run Transaction Summary to see your transactions.

3. How to set up recurring payments

In order to set up recurring payments with your Braintree integration, you will have to create a new plan. Go to Recurring BillingPlans and hit New. Next, specify the Plan Details and the Billing Details. Finally, paste the Plan ID in the SettingsPayments section of your 123FormBuilder account, under BraintreePlan ID.

Braintree recurring payments

Important notice: Customers who are using the Braintree payment processor to send you money will pay in the currency you have set up in your Braintree account. This setting will override the currency selected in the Payments section of your 123FormBuilder account.


  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in your Braintree Payments integration for recurring payments in multiple currencies.

    On the Braintree side I have multiple plans set up but each is set up for a different currency. Usually with the Braintree SDKs I need to provide both the PlanID and the MerchantID to make sure that the plan being subscribed to is being charged to the correct currency/merchant.

    I have read the integration documentation but it doesn’t specifically say if this is possible. Is this behaviour supported?


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