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Order forms with PayU integration

123FormBuilder - PayU IntegrationCollect payments through PayU order forms! Build your custom order forms with 123FormBuilder and integrate them with PayU, one of the most popular payment processors in Eastern Europe.

PayU is available in 10 countries. For the moment, based on the requests coming from our users, we have integrated our service with PayU Romania.

Here is how to set up the 123FormBuilder – PayU integration:

Go to the SettingsPayments section of your 123FormBuilder account. In the Payment Processors subsection, click on the Payment Gateway dropdown, select PayU.ro and hit the button Add payment gateway. Provide your Merchant and Encryption Key. Specify whether you will be collecting VAT by choosing one of the options Collect or Don’t collect from the dropdown list. Most importantly, enable the processor in the top right corner, as well as payments for your online order form.

PayU Account SettingsHow to retrieve my Merchant and Encryption Key?

You can find them both in your PayU account. Log in and go to Account ManagementAccount Settings. Scroll down until you reach the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) section. The Vendor Code is your Merchant and the Key Coding is your Encryption Key.

Paste these two in the Payments section of your 123FormBuilder account, click on Save and you are all set up. After placing their orders, users will be redirected to PayU, to pay the amount calculated in the form.

Note that the currencies accepted for payment through this integration are USD, EUR and RON.

If you do collect VAT, have a look at the VAT settings in your PayU account and select one of the three options available. They can be found in the Account ManagementVAT Settings section.

PayU VAT Settings

You can choose to collect VAT from customers in your country, from customers in the European Union or from all customers worldwide.

That’s it! Your order forms with PayU integration are very easy to build and configure. And don’t forget that they are entirely secure.

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