PayFast Integration


PayFast is a payment processor for South Africa, therefore it will accept payments only in South African Rands.

The first step in setting up the integration is to get the needed information from your PayFast account. Please log in to your PayFast account and go to Settings. There, under Merchant identifiers, you can find your Merchant ID and Merchant Key.

1. How to set up PayFast as a merchant
In order to make the necessary settings for the PayFast integration, please go to your 123FormBuilder account:

My forms → click on the form → Settings → Payments and here, under Payment Processors, you need to select PayFast from the Payment Gateway dropdown, click on Add Payment Gateway and provide your Merchant ID and Merchant Key (which you previously prepared in your PayFast account). Make sure you select Enable on the top-right corner of the PayFast payment processor box.

Then, you need to set the Currency to South African Rand.
PayFast payment gateway integrationNext step is to assign prices and click Save. Don’t forget to tick Enable Payments for this form and hit Save again.

2. How your users will complete the payment
Once the online order form is completed and submitted, user will be redirected to PayFast in order to make the payment. On PayFast website, there are two cases:

    a. if you have a PayFast account – just fill in your login data under Returning buyer;
    b. if you don’t have a PayFast acount – you have to register for an account by filling in the required information under First time buyer.

3. How to make test payments
If you don’t want to make a real payment, but just want to test the integration, different settings should be made in your 123FormBuilder account:
a. Settings → Payments → under 1. Merchant Setup → tick Accept payments via PayFast and enter these credentials:

    Merchant ID: 10000103
    Merchant Key: 479f49451e829

b. Set the Currency – South African Rand
c. Tick Enable Sandbox
Then, once redirected to PayFast, you need to log in under Returning buyer with the following data:

    Password: clientpass

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