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Step by step guide on PayPal Payflow integration

An order form with PayPal Payflow integration allows customers to provide their payment details directly on your online order form. They will not be redirected away from your website at any point. The PayPal Payflow integration requires having a PayPal Advanced account.

Set up your order forms with PayPal Payflow integration using the step by step guide below.

    PayPal Payflow Integration

  1. Go to the SettingsPayments section of your 123FormBuilder account and under Payment Processors, select PayPal PayFlow from the Payment gateway dropdown. Hit Add payment processor to add it to your order form.
  2. Provide your PayPal Payflow Username, Vendor, Partner and Password. If you don’t remember this information, retrieve it from your PayPal ManagerAccount AdministrationManage Users. Click on your username and find the information under User Login Information. Enable the integration on the top right corner of the box before leaving.
  3. PayPal Manager - User Information

  4. In your PayPal Manager, go to Service SettingsSet Up.
  5. In the section PayPal Express Checkout, provide your PayPal email address.
  6. PayPal Email Address

  7. Moving on to the section Payment ConfirmationShow confirmation page, select the option On my website. This way, customers will remain on your website after making the PayPal payment.
  8. PayPal Confirmation Page

    Note: Make sure you select the GET option in Return URL Method in order for the integration to work.

  9. Under Security OptionsEnable Secure Token, choose the option Yes. This allows 123FormBuilder to communicate with PayPal.
  10. PayPal Secure Token

  11. Click Save Changes to activate the payment settings that you have just configured.

Your online order form with PayPal Payflow integration is now set up. You can start receiving payments directly on your website.

PayPal Payflow User Types

In your PayPal Manager, you can create seven different types of users for your PayPal Payflow account. These have different privilege levels.

In what the 123FormBuilder – PayPal Payflow integration is concerned, the first three user types are the recommended ones: ADMIN, ADMIN_TRANSACTIONS and API_FULL_TRANSACTIONS. You can find detailed information about the privileges of each here.

An ADMIN user can do everything that the merchant can. An ADMIN_TRANSACTIONS user has the same privileges as the first one, except for user management.

Now, if your order forms with PayPal Payflow integration should be managed by, for example, one of your employees, you may want to use the API_FULL_TRANSACTIONS user type. This user can run all transaction types, but can’t login to the PayPal Manager. This way, your PayPal Manager won’t be accessed by somebody else, but the person who manages your order forms will have the means to do so freely.


    1. Hello Louis!
      PayPal tends to blacklist some countries, meaning it’s services are not available there. This is caused by several reasons, one primary being the fact that the respective country faces some digital threats, such as countless hack attacks, or instability regarding economy, politics and even war. But I do not want to give the wrong information, so I think it is best if you address your issue to PayPal’s customer support service.
      We are a separate company from PayPal – we only provide the instruments to create web forms and surveys. Everything related strictly to PayPal needs to be addressed to them.

  1. Paypal buttons are free, why do I need platinum level to use paypal? I have a premium level why can’t I use the paypal button?

    1. Hello Lenny!

      We do not offer only the PayPal buttons, but also the features to assign prices, coupon codes, add taxes and discounts, display a live payment summary, add form calculations and many more. See our documentation on how to create a complex order form and our payments documentation.

      For more questions or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


      1. Hi, I have everything set up. Im trying to add the payment to go through paypal. Everytime I do it says I need to have a platinum level.

      2. Hello Lenny!

        I see you are Platinum user, in which case the message shouldn’t have appeared. Could you confirm that you cannot add any of the payment gateways in the Payments section?

        Regarding live chat, our Support Team is online from 9 AM to 12:30 AM (GMT+2). You could also leave a message at support@123formbuilder.com and a support representative will reply as soon as possible.


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