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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an incident form?

Incidents happen now and then, whether they involve injuries from accidents or medical situations requiring higher authority attention. With our form builder, you can craft your own incident report form and distribute it to your team. Choose from a variety of fields that will assist you in compiling your incident report.

Why should I use an online incident report form?

There was a time when people used to report incidents on paper – some still do today. But with today’s modern technology, there’s an easier way to receive these reports quickly and easily. Make the leap with 123FormBuilder and start using this incident report form now.

How do I edit this template?

With our form builder, you can create your version of an incident report form and share it with your team. Select from a variety of fields that will help you build up your incident report.

What should be included in an incident report form?

An incident report form is a crucial document used to record details surrounding an unexpected event that occurs within an organization. Its contents should provide a comprehensive overview of the incident to help identify its causes, assess its impact, and prevent similar occurrences in the future.

How can my organization use this template?

Publish the form on your network, share it in an email group, or embed it on a page where your employees have access. Whatever you choose, 123FormBuilder has covered you with the appropriate publishing method that only requires a copy-paste effort. Collect the information you need to learn about the incident. You will receive all submissions by email, but you can also check them in a repository that comes with the form. You can update these reports or print them for further analysis.

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