Frequently Asked Questions

What information should be included in a product registration form?

The registration form should include specific product information such as product name, model number and serial number, purchase date and location.

How do I create a simple registration form?

Our template can be customized with your own brand, questions and other graphic elements.

Customize template

Ditch the postcards and enroll items online with this product registration form template. This form is easy for almost anyone to configure, regardless of technical know-how. First, drag and drop fields such as text boxes, dropdowns and contact information; then select fonts, colors and images to put the design on brand. Finally, configure notifications to send a confirmation to the customer as well as a registration record to your sales and service departments.

Publish template

You can make your product registration form conveniently available just about anywhere online. To make it a part of your own website, for example, you need only copy and paste the provided embed link into a web page. Additionally, the form works as an independent page which you can share directly via email, social media or chat. Ever-versatile, the mobile responsive design allows the layout to flex according to the size of device used.

Collect & manage data

As soon as you begin collecting submissions via your product registration form, you’ll discover a robust record-keeping system within our form builder. You can work with these records in your account or export them to a computer as an Excel, CSV, or PDF file. For an even more powerful data management, try integrating your form with supported third-party apps, including Dropbox, Salesforce, and Constant Contact.

Optimize processes

Whether used for warranties, product updates, support, or good-old marketing, going from paper to online forms is a major upgrade to the post-purchase experience. Thanks to the database attached to your online product registration form, customer purchase records will stay up-to-date and accessible across departments. Furthermore, the autoresponder provides the customer with a digital record of the registration. Perhaps best of all, the move to web forms signals the end of tedious, error-prone data entry.

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