Frequently Asked Questions

What is a purchase order request form?

A purchase order is an order form that a buyer completes in order to communicate the specific services or products they are agreeing to purchase from a seller. The purchase order will include descriptions, quantities, expected dates and prices.

How do I create a purchase request form?

Start building your order form with our existing template. You can easily customize the form fields with details such as name, email, items that can be ordered, the quantity, the company department, and more.

Customize template

Adapt this purchase request form template and make it your own with the 123FormBuilder platform. Add & edit custom fields such as name, email, items that can be ordered, the quantity, the company department, and more. And you don’t need to worry about coding a thing. Everything is done smoothly within a drag-and-drop interface where you can change the layout of your purchase request form and give it the look your company needs.

Publish template

When your form is ready to go, choose the publishing method that suits you best. Host your purchase request form on your internal network and share it with your storeroom-personnel or other employees. Due to a built-in mobile responsive layout, it can be used on any desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Collect & manage data

Keep track of all the purchase requests that came in your way and manage them accordingly in a robust database that comes with your purchase request form. And if you use any third-party app, look up our third-party apps list and have your requests automatically synced on submission.

Optimize processes

Help your purchasing department work more efficiently with an online purchase request form that doesn’t require any paperwork. You just edit the form on 123FormBuilder, share it with your user departments, and focus on the next steps. It’s that simple!

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