Customize template

This company sales form example is structured to match a broad business schema. However, you can further add to it in order to have a customized full-functioning form for your specific business needs. With the help of our drag and drop tool, it’s easy to add or remove any form elements. You can also include the flexibility of conditional logic that will show or hide certain fields based on the respondent’s selection. Then give the business sales form a new design, choosing from our theme repository. And don’t forget to set up multiple email recipients if that’s the case.

Publish template

Whenever you come across the necessity for a business sales form, there’s no need to start from scratch. Without possessing technical skills, you can adapt our pre-made template and then share it with those concerned. If you know how to copy and paste, then you know how to publish this business sales form anywhere online. Either embed it in a website’s code or share it in an email or on a social platform, if appropriate. With mobile optimized layout, it can be filled from just about anywhere, accommodating even the busiest of schedules.

Collect & manage data

All the data collected through business sales forms – regarding the vendor, the buyer, the purchase goods and price – is stored in a secure database. Here, you can edit the form submissions or download them on your device. Furthermore, you have the option to connect your form with various other web applications, thus ensuring a smoother workflow.

Optimize processes

Have your business partners effectively conclude business deals thanks to the power of digital forms. Never lose another sheet of paper. Or time. Our collection of digitized form models provide advanced features and configuration accessible to anyone. Plus, you will receive real-time notifications whenever the form is submitted.

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