Frequently Asked Questions

What is a well-being survey?

A wellbeing survey is a set of questions addressed to a community or group that aims to assess their happiness and satisfaction within that organization. It helps a company understand how the employees are doing emotionally and physically.

What should a wellbeing survey include?

Start by describing the purpose of the survey and how you’re planning to use the survey results. Continue with asking questions about the individual’s current wellbeing state, including things they’re satisfied with and things they would change, the cause of their state, and their expectations. Include both closed and open-ended questions to give them the chance to express their feelings.

Customize template

Measure the state of mental health in your community with the help of this free wellbeing survey template. You can adapt not only the look but also the content with no need to write code. Instead, all you need is to drag and drop any type of question field you need, including Likert scales, text fields, and much more. Configure the notification system to alert the appropriate individuals each time the mental health survey is completed.

Publish template

Share this wellbeing survey anywhere online. For a web page, simply click the Publish button, then copy and paste. You can choose to embed the survey directly on the page or have it overlay the page in a lightbox. If you prefer, you can also send a form link by email or post on social media. The form’s responsive layout makes the form easy to use even on smaller displays such as smartphones and tablets.

Collect & manage data

The mental health responses you collect in the wellbeing survey are kept confidential in a secure database hosted by 123FormBuilder. Access the information from your private dashboard, where you can graph the data or export it to Excel, CSV, or PDF. Numerous options for app integrations are also available, including Dropbox, Smartsheet, and Evernote.

Optimize processes

Depression, anxiety, stress, burnout. With a wellbeing survey, you can give your community of employees/students/members a chance to report in private if they are experiencing difficulties. Collecting mental health reports as a group can help you identify common concerns so that you can investigate whether an environmental change could be more conducive to wellbeing. By including an optional name field, you can provide a means for people to ask for one-on-one help or counseling.

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