Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a brand awareness survey?

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you can easily start by using this free brand awareness survey template that covers a lot of questions dedicated to better understand how users perceive and evaluate your brand. You can easily customize it without writing any code; drag and drop the needed fields, upload graphic elements and then just publish it online and invite respondents to share their input.

What questions should I ask in a brand survey?

You need to use questions related to the respondent’s behavior with your product, including what the user thinks and feels related to your brand and to your competitors’ brands. Ask them to describe their overall impression. And keep in mind to always ask if they would recommend your brand to others, as the most important result of their overall experience with your product.

How do I customize this template?

We know, you like to create surveys. And it’s perfectly understandable, we do too! By customizing our prebuilt brand awareness survey sample, you’ll become a survey master in no time. With a simple drag and drop tool, you can modify and add anything you want to your form. For instance, more Likert scale statements, if you prefer questions that require a finely nuanced response. Then choose a design theme and configure autoresponders for your audience.

How do I publish a template?

If you’re wondering how to reach as many people as possible with your newly created brand awareness survey, there’s no need to worry. Our publishing methods require literally no technical skills. For example, copy the generated form code and paste it into a web page, send the form link on emails or post it on social media. Wherever you think your brand fans are. Besides, our form is mobile-optimized, so it adjusts to any screen format.

How can I collect & manage data?

Every brand evaluation received from your respondents goes into a secure database. But gathering survey answers is only the beginning. Our reporting tools allow you to filter valuable insight that will improve your brand in the long run. Easily export this data to CSV, PDF or Excel or integrate with email marketing or file management apps.

How can I optimize processes?

With this brand awareness survey example, you’ll be sure your questionnaire will do its job. It’s easy to pack it with conditional logic, rating stars or a thank you page. Your respondents will have a nice survey experience, while you’ll get instant notifications in your inbox as soon as they start sending their feedback. So why wait? Speed up your data collection and management with a friendly form-building platform that does so much more than creating web forms!

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