Customize template

Set up a web-based staff evaluation form and go one giant step in the direction of paperless. Need to update the evaluation criteria from year to year? Not an issue! Online, everyone always has the current edition of the employee review form. Furthermore, whereas paper risks landing in the wrong hands, online employee reviews are kept truly confidential in a secure 123FormBuilder database, shared only with the designated employees and supervisors via notifications you control.

Publish template

Easily post your stress management questionnaire template to your website or intranet — just copy and paste. Alternatively, use the share buttons to create a link to share by email or on social media. Of course, any way you distribute your stress check survey, the mobile responsive survey design ensures that the form looks attractive and performs frustration-free on smartphones and tablets.

Collect & manage data

Store and organize all stress management responses in a secure database hosted by 123FormBuilder. Here you can access your mental health responses anytime and generate useful graphs and charts. What’s more, you can export to Excel, CSV or PDF for use on other computers. Finally, 123FormBuilder integrates many popular third-party systems, so make sure you check our Applications section. If those services are already part of your workflow, you can plug right into your form and never have to transfer the information yourself.

Optimize processes

Taking stock of employees’ stress levels is a powerful first step toward protecting them from a major health threat. The convenience and confidentiality of an online questionnaire will help you elevate participation rates and gather more reliable metrics. In addition, custom notifications notify supervisors and human resources in real-time as responses come in, giving them crucial time to act if there is any cause for concern.

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