Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Branding Questionnaire?

A branding questionnaire is a document that consists of a series of questions that clients or business owners answer regarding their brand during a branding or rebranding project. The questions spin around the identity of the brand, what it must represent, what tone should it use, and who’s the target audience.

How can I edit this Branding Questionnaire template?

Use 123FormBuilder to customize our branding questionnaire template in any way you need. No coding needed! Just drag and drop fields, type in your branding questions, set up email notifications, and even add integrations if needed.

How can I share my Branding Questionnaire?

In 123FormBuilder, you’ll find a multitude of publishing options such as embedding it on your website, sharing it around via its link, or having it pop up in a lightbox window. No matter what option you choose, it doesn’t take more than a copy & paste effort.

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