Customize template

Before you circulate a commuter survey at your business, check out this free commuting survey template you can publish online. You don’t need any technical know-how to tailor this form to your organization and its geographic location(s). Just add and remove questions and options as you need—you can even use conditional logic to show and hide questions. Finally, set up autoresponders as well as notifications to multiple individuals.

Publish template

You can distribute your commuter survey instantly in a variety of fast and easy ways. To add to a web page, simply copy and paste the provided code snippet, selecting whether to display an in-page embed or a pop-up lightbox. In addition, you can share the form’s standalone web address over email or as a social media post. Your colleagues will have no trouble filling out the survey on mobile during their commute thanks to its mobile-optimized responsive design.

Collect & manage data

Not only are web forms faster and greener, but they also do the work of compiling the data you collect. As employees respond to the commuter survey, you’ll be able to access the results from your 123FormBuilder account. There you can generate analytics or download the submissions to Excel, CSV, or PDF for further processing. Alternatively, sync your form to apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Smartsheet.

Optimize processes

Increase the response rate for your commuting survey with an upgrade to an online form! Unlike paper forms which are easily lost and forgotten, your online form is easy to do on the spot or after an email reminder. If you would like to implement a single survey across multiple locations of your company, you can ask employees to select their office and then use conditional logic to display the relevant questions. Best of all, the answers will come in a formatted file that you can use immediately without having to key it into your computer first.

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