Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create an exit survey template to serve your organization?

There are several standard themes you’ll want to understand:
1. Uncovering opportunities related to HR – job description, salary, benefits
2. Understanding employees’ perceptions of the work itself
3. Gaining insight into managers’ leadership styles and effectiveness
4. Fostering innovation by obtaining improvement ideas for the organization
5. Creating lifelong advocates for the organization

What questions should you ask an employee who is leaving?

While the questions might differ from one organization to another, there are some main topics to build on. We’ve included some examples for each, below:
– The role (Did you feel equipped to do the job here? / How much did the job role change after you were hired? / Would you consider coming back to work in this role in the future?)
– The pay and package (What does your new position offer that convinced you to leave? / How good or bad was your benefits package? / Did you find the benefits useful?)
– The reason for leaving (Why did you consider looking for another job? / Was there a specific event or person involved with your decision to leave?)
– The team and manager (What was the team atmosphere like? / Were you comfortable talking to your manager?)
– The workplace and culture (Did you feel like an important member of the organization? / How likely are you to recommend the organization to a friend or colleague? / Do you have any other issues or comments you’d like to address?)

Customize template

Create your own personalized employee exit survey using this template. It’s easy to build on it in any way you see fit, without having to write any code. With a simple drag and drop tool, you can add as many questions or form elements as you like. Next, upload your company’s logo and change the form design. Finally, configure multiple email recipients to notify your whole HR department of incoming exit surveys.

Publish template

When your modifications are done, you can share your employee exit survey anywhere online. Therefore, embed the generated form code in a web page, such as an intranet. Or send the form URL via email or a social media group, for instance. It goes without saying that the exit survey design is adaptable to all screen sizes, to encourage a higher response rate.

Collect & manage data

Every exit interview will go directly into a secure data repository that you can easily consult or upgrade in your 123FormBuilder dashboard. If you prefer, you can also download the data to your computer in multiple formats. Plus, for a top-class file management, connect your employee exit survey data to other web apps you use, such as Google Drive.

Optimize processes

Find out how your ex-employees feel about your company, their career opportunities, and daily tasks by conducting an online employee exit survey each time someone chooses to leave. People will be less put off from answering when you send them mobile responsive surveys. So start building your series of HR web forms and surveys today!

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