Customize template

Your customers spend a lot of time carefully planning their wedding concept. However, you won’t need to spend any in order to personalize and share this wedding planning questionnaire template with them. Get all the details you need, and if you need to ask for more, just drag and drop more form elements from the sidebar. Then select a design theme to inspire newlyweds. Finally, configure autoresponders or redirect respondents to a nice Thank You page.

Publish template

While you can easily send the form link via email, 123 Form Builder offers many publishing options. For example, you can make your form permanently available on your wedding planner website, by choosing to embed it with simple copy-paste. Evidently, the wedding planning questionnaire can also be posted on your Facebook page. And in a mobile-dependent world, your customers will surely appreciate mobile-optimized form layout.

Collect & manage data

Each wedding planning response lives in a secure database. Of course, you can either access your customer info on our dashboard or download it to your computer as Excel, CSV or PDF. Besides, we integrate with many file and event management systems, so make sure you check out the Applications section of our online form builder.

Optimize processes

Find out everything you need to know about your customers’ preferences and make sure you provide fairy tale weddings. An online wedding planner questionnaire will not only bring you responses but will also help to analyze your data and send it to those involved. To be more specific, you’ll receive real-time alerts each time a new wedding planning request comes in.