3 Ways Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Landscape

As it keeps developing, technology is rapidly changing all industries. Healthcare is no different.  Technological progresses in the healthcare industry have improved research techniques and various medical processes such as easy access to data and patient history, patient registration and many more.

Solving medical issues

More complex medical practices, faster diagnosis, finding cures for different diseases, advanced treatment alternatives- these are some of the most substantial ways technology has remarkably transformed healthcare. With the latest technology,  innovations like hybrid operating rooms, wearable technology, digestible sensors, microchips and many others are literally saving lives and improving the opportunity of recovery for patients.

Ease of access

The Internet has become a universal source of information for many. Patients have progressively turned to the Internet to research health information.

Some may say that this also has its disadvantages. Online health information might be misinterpreted. But as long as the main provider of medical information remains the patient’s physician, the Internet can be a great platform for patients to find answers, become better informed about their condition and even share their personal experiences.  

Electronic health records give patients easy access to their own medical information while online medical databases allow doctors to view patient history and access various case studies.

Enhanced Communications and data collection 

The various means of modern communication such as texts, e-mails, chat services, videos and video conferences have provided medical professionals with enough opportunities to stay connected with their patients.

On the other hand, collecting and sharing data in the healthcare system is a matter that has raised effectiveness and patient privacy concerns in the past. Fortunately, time-consuming and error-prone  paper filing systems are slowly but surely being replaced with secure medical online forms. From appointment requests, patient registration and prescription refills to  patient satisfaction surveys, all are now digital and HIPAA compliant.

As technology continues to evolve, so will the healthcare landscape. We’re living in fascinating times and it makes us wonder, what’s next?

Claudia Borceanu
Claudia Borceanu
is a Social Media Community Manager at 123FormBuilder. She manages our social media presence and contributes to the overall communication strategy. Claudia loves nature, music, reading, traveling and learning new things.

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