Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize this template?

Cut down patient wait times with an online form based on this oral surgery referral form template. Although it makes powerful enhancements to your procedures, no technical skill is required on your part to modify the form according to your practice’s requirements. This form offers all the data types from your old form—including signatures, checkboxes, and freeform text. But adds validation and notification functionality only possible when you go digital.

How do I publish a template?

As soon as you’ve designed your oral surgery referral form, you can instantly circulate it to the providers in your network. Simply copy/paste the embed link into a web page. Or send it by email or even via your internal messaging system. If your dentists do a lot of their work on tablets, they’ll be pleased to know that this form is optimized to be used on mobile devices with touchscreens.

How can I collect & manage data?

By using 123FormBuilder to process your oral surgery referral form, you are not only getting a faster way for providers to communicate, but you are also getting a system for managing referrals in one place. Although submissions are securely stored, they can also be downloaded to Excel, CSV or PDF for use in your own patient management software. In addition, you can sync the form to a wide variety of services, including Egnyte and Smartsheet.

How can I optimize processes?

Moving from paper forms to online forms is a major time saver. For patients in enough pain to warrant a dental operation, saving time with a web-based oral surgery referral form is the ethical option! For an even faster turnaround, this form can be set to notify recipients by SMS text message. Finally, be sure to check in with 123FormBuilder to make sure your form is HIPAA compliant.

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