Who Needs a HIPAA Form?

HIPAA forms are mandatory for covered entities that provide treatment and obtain patients’ PHI (protected health information). Our HIPAA-compliant forms for dental practices help collect, store, and manage ePHI (electronic protected health information) effectively, ensuring dentists with the written authorization they need to enable the appropriate treatment and healthcare operations.

To keep your dental form HIPAA compliant, train your business associates and employees about what it means to comply with HIPAA privacy practices, and how they should approach the health information you collect with the patient’s consent and notice.

It is important you use a consent form whenever you request health information from a person who comes in contact with your dental practice, and the agreement should contain a legally binding signature for authorization. You must provide patients with a checklist of your operations, disclosures, and a notice of privacy practices at their first appointment.

What Information Must the HIPAA Compliance Form Contain?

A HIPAA-compliant dentistry form document needs to include core information such as the covered entity and its business details, patient information, date, expiration date, privacy rule checklist, acknowledgment, payment process (where applicable), and additional authorization statements.

123FormBuilder is HIPAA compliant and dentists can use the form builder to create forms, gather health information from patients, enable payment collection, add electronic signatures, save records, and more at a reasonable price.

Benefits of Using an Online HIPAA Form

123FormBuilder ensures the privacy of your patient’s healthcare information with 256-bit SSL encryption, HTTPS logins, automatic system logoff, documented proof of HIPAA compliance, deployment walkthrough for your dental staff, audit controls, security incident procedures, assigned security responsibility, and custom BAA and confidentiality agreements.

Overcome the pain points of dental practices that involve HIPAA and paperwork with 123FormBuilder. Grab a template or create your form or survey from scratch using an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder.

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Easily Publish HIPAA Forms

Grab a template or create your form or survey from scratch using our intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. Add the fields you need, set up notifications, add custom integration, and electronic signatures. Review the form with the click of a button and publish your HIPAA form where you need it using copy-paste.

Collect & Manage Data

Obtain patient information easily within an encrypted database that 123FormBuilder carefully monitors 24/7 and keeps safe under HIPAA law for you. Our HIPAA services grant covered entities and patients with the level of ePHI protection they need. But it’s also the responsibility of your dentistry’s health care providers and business associates to not disclose the information without the patient’s written consent.

Optimize Admin Processes

Dental appointments, surgeries, financial management, HR, and marketing are easily handled with workflows that your administrative staff can build through online forms, without needing any coding skills.

HIPAA Privacy Rule FAQs

What is a HIPAA Authorization Form?

A HIPAA authorization form is a document that grants covered entities permission to use a patient’s PHI for marketing or other purposes that do not involve treatment, health care operations, or payment. 123FormBuilder’s HIPAA compliancy enables administrative staff and medical providers to create online-shareable HIPAA authorization forms that patients may fill and sign on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Is Dental Protected by HIPAA?

The HIPAA privacy rule applies to all dental practices in the United States but not all dentists are covered by HIPAA depending on the circumstances. A dental clinic is covered by HIPAA but not the dentists who are employed there. That’s why it’s the clinic’s responsibility to ensure dentists comply with the HIPAA compliance policies and address violations promptly.

Do HIPAA Forms Need to Be Signed Annually?

No, covered entities and patients do not need to sign HIPAA forms annually. However, if there are significant changes to the notice, the covered entity has to inform the patient and obtain a new signature. Here are 10 ways to prevent HIPAA violations in your clinic.

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