What is An Employment Medical Check?

Before starting their job, new employees undergo an employment medical check requested by their employer as part of the employment process. The health screening process involves a physical examination to assess the applicant’s health and determine if there are any symptoms of potential sickness, injuries, or medical conditions that could not allow the employee to do their job. With 123FormBuilder medical forms, a physician can efficiently perform the pre employment physical examination without worrying about data accuracy, security, or access.

Who Needs an Employment Medical Form?

Usually, employers request new employees to go through a medical check. Whether candidates fill out a medical form or undergo a physical exam, it gives the employer a good idea of the employee’s medical condition, if they’re capable of performing their job responsibilities or if there are any special workplace measures the organization needs to take to create a welcoming environment. 

For example, in high-hazard industries, it’s crucial to understand if employees are suitable for the job and are not exposing themselves to activities that could potentially harm them or impact their medical condition or an existing injury. The same applies to employment in various industries such as Technology, HR, or Manufacturing, where sedentarism, lifting, or standing require a specific health condition that can sustain these physical efforts.

What Information Does A Pre-Employment Form Contain?

Every pre employment form can contain different information depending on the type of job the applicant is aiming for. 123FormBuilder allows powerful customization that will enable you to adapt, for example, the pre employment physical form template, so it collects health information specific to a role. You can ask for more details if the job requires a particular physical condition or have a generic examination.

But usually, a pre employment form will include the following information on the potential new employee:

  • Personal data (name, email address, date of birth, sex, address, etc.)
  • Educational and professional background (including) employment history)
  • Criminal records
  • Medical history (health information, physical exam, etc.)

How to Make Your Employment Medical Form HIPAA Compliant

Collecting health information means handling sensitive patient information, which requires a higher level of data protection. With 123FormBuilder, you can collect and store PHI safely because we’re 100% HIPAA compliant. To benefit from the robust security measures of HIPAA compliance, you need to make your forms HIPAA compliant. And you can do that by signing up for one of our Enterprise plans, which includes HIPAA compliance.

Benefits of Employment Medical & Physical Forms

The employment process is lengthy and complex as it is. So you want to simplify as much of it as possible. Using the pre employment physical form to collect health data about new employees can help you streamline the process and speed up the hiring and onboarding of the candidates. They can easily fill out the necessary forms online, and you can quickly assess the data and complete the employment process in no time. Let’s see the other major benefits of 123FormBuilder’s employee medical and physical forms.

Securely Collect & Manage Data

On top of being HIPAA compliant, 123FormBuilder’s pre employment physical forms are protected by strong security measures that give employers and job applicants peace of mind. Whether collecting contact details or PHI, you can rest assured that every data moving through our forms is safe and secure. We rely on (and these are just a few of them):

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Antispam protection
  • User multi-factor authentication
  • Form password
  • SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Easily Share Form with Employee

Build the pre employment physical form in 123FormBuilder with our drag & drop editor, customize it and style it to fit your business, and share it with your employees via email, on your website, or messaging apps. You can download your submissions in any file format, such as CSV or PDF, and connect the form to an email service provider like MailChimp to notify employees of their submission and send a copy.

Optimize Processes

As an employer, you want to make it easy for the HR department to process new employee data and speed up decision-making. 123FormBuilder lets you connect your forms to third-party apps, such as Google Sheets, Dropbox, Salesforce, or GetResponse, to automate the data collection and simplify access for the authorized staff. You won’t waste time on paper forms and endless physical visits. Your employees can quickly fill out forms online and even sign them with their electronic signature.

Employment Medical Form FAQs

What is a pre-employment medical form?

The pre employment medical form is a health assessment employers use to screen new employees. The form collects data about the employee’s health, such as their medical history, current medical condition (including any potential sickness, illness, or injury), and in some cases, the results form a drug test. The 123FormBuilder’s pre employment medical form is a digital document that employees and physicians fill out online, making it a much better alternative to Microsoft Word or other options that have you print documents that expose your data to human error and security vulnerabilities. Just grab a medical template from our gallery and start customizing it immediately.

What are the 5 basic pre-employment medical?

The 5 basic pre employment medical test are: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Urinalysis, Stool exam, Physical exam, Chest X-Ray (or other body parts). Additionally, employers will request a drug test, visual acuity exam, or psychological test in some cases. 

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