Customize template

Create an effective filing system to fulfill child counseling requirements with this handy form template. Naturally, it’s ready to edit according to the specifics of your practice. The child intake form sample we provide includes a drag and drop editor. This permits adding, duplicating or deleting any of the fields. With over 30 design themes to choose from, as well as various other options, you have total control over the form appearance.

Publish template

Share your child intake form with those concerned by choosing from our multiple publishing options. Just email the form link or embed it in a web page as a lightbox, JS or iFrame. Also, sharing on multiple web platforms is as easy as 123! It goes without saying that our intake forms for child therapy are accessible from all types of devices.

Collect & manage data

Child intake forms for counseling capture sensitive confidential data. Therefore we carefully store all the entries in a secure data table attached to your web form. Child intake form submissions can be managed directly from your dashboard. Or, if you prefer, download them as Excel, CSV or PDF files. If you use other web apps for a seamless workflow, go ahead and check our +30 integrations. This way, you’ll ensure an even smoother system to precede child counseling sessions.

Optimize processes

When seeking behavioral health services for a child, it sure is unpleasant to go through all those messy paper forms. With online child intake forms, the parents or guardians can enroll their young for therapy by completing a friendly web checklist that compiles all the necessary information. For example, data referring to the parent, adoption, insurance, details about the difficulties the child faces, and of course a medical history. Also, you can configure it to notify multiple recipients so that other colleagues in your practice receive child intake form responses the same day. Expedite the child counseling enrollment process with an online assessment that is easy on the parents and reduces paper waste.

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