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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medication administration record?

A medication administration record, or drug chart, helps healthcare professionals keep track of the medicines administered to a patient within a healthcare facility. The medication administration record includes the names of the administered drugs, dosage, administration method, and duration.

How do you record medication administration?

Records must be filled by the healthcare professionals. Users assigned with the Approver role are able to create and approve new Medication Administration Records. These forms need to be configured each month for an individual.

What information should be on a medication administration record?

The MAR must include the names of the patient and the physician who prescribes the medicine, the pharmacist by case, and detailed information about the drugs like their names, quantity, administration method, and duration of treatment.

Why should you record the administration of medication?

The main reason for maintaining medical records is to ensure continuity of care for the patient.

What is eMAR in healthcare?

eMAR is short for electronic medication administration record – the electronic way of keeping a record of administered medications to a patient. Instead of using a paper document, the physician or other medical staff will use a digital form that connects to a secure database. The medication administration record template we provide is an eMAR form that you can connect to your healthcare facility and use from anywhere online.

How do you create an eMAR form?

Our eMAR form template can help you get started with generating records of administered medicine in your hospital’s or health clinic’s system. Just customize the form on 123FormBuilder, and you’ll be able to generate these records in no time. And if you’re looking for HIPAA compliance, we’ve got that covered upon request.

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