Frequently Asked Questions

What is the admission process in a hospital?

The admission process in any healthcare facility is a complex process that follows a strict protocol which the medical staff is thoroughly trained to comply with. It usually includes noting the arrival time, the patient’s details, current medical state, etc.All these steps in the admission procedure help document the patient’s condition, which can be done with a hospital admission form.

How do you write a patient admission note?

A patient admission note can include the patient’s details, contact information, time and date of admission, mode of transportation, medical condition and history, etc.

Customize template

The hospital admission form template we created will help you collect all the necessary data before admitting someone for treatment or medical intervention. From contact information to a short medical history and a digital signature – it pretty much covers everything. Still, if you want you can add more fields. Naturally, it’s as easy as 1-2-3, no technical skills required. Just drag and drop any form element you want from the sidebar. Then upload a logo, set up multiple recipients and custom autoresponders.

Publish template

Copy-paste is all you need in order to launch your form on the almighty Web. include the form link in an email or post it on a social platform. Of course, you will want it on a webpage. For this purpose, check out our 4 embedding methods – they all require only a copy-paste effort. And people will be able to submit hospital admission requests even from smartphones or tablets since the template is mobile-friendly.

Collect & manage data

Our form builder will create a database containing each submission. Access your form entries at any time and update them when needed. Search, sort, and download the collected data with the click of a button. To explain, you can export it in Excel, CSV, and PDF formats. Furthermore, we integrate with the most popular online business solutions.

Optimize processes

Receive instant email or SMS alerts when someone completes your hospital admission form. With a real-time form builder conceived to satisfy even non-technical users, you can customize your form within minutes. Still, should you choose to profit from more advanced features, we’ve got them too! For instance, request HIPAA compliance for your form with just a few clicks!

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