Who Needs Child Care Health Forms?

Daycare health forms provide many benefits for both daycare providers and parents. Every daycare program should have a written policy disclosed in health forms for parents to read. Some programs require health forms for all children, while others only require them for children with certain medical conditions.

What Needs to Be Included in Daycare Health Forms

Your daycare health form should include the following:

Benefits of Child Care Health Forms

It is essential for childcare providers to be aware of any medical conditions or allergies a child has, and daycare health forms help collect this information from the child’s parent or legal guardian. 123FormBuilder makes it easy for childcare providers to collect health information online without the paperwork hassle.

Customize Daycare Templates

123FormBuilder’s daycare medical form template is highly-customizable from top to bottom. You can edit the form’s design, drag questions on the layout, configure email notifications, use branch logic, and connect the collected data with other tools like Mailchimp or Salesforce.

Collect & Manage Information

Collecting child health information from parents cannot be easier with 123FormBuilder. You can share the daycare health form anywhere online and manage responses in a secure database you have full control of. You can print the information, export it to a CSV or PDF file, as well as update it when required.

Optimize Childcare Processes

Publish the daycare health form on your website that will allow parents to finish the paperwork in minutes instead of exchanging countless emails and phone calls with your front office. You’ll be able to focus on other tasks while earning new business for your daycare. 123FormBuilder’s form creator integrates with payment gateways like PayPal and Square that you can use to collect payments on form completion.

Are You Looking For a Different Health Template?

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Health Form for Daycare FAQs

How Often Should a General Health Appraisal Be Done?

Children and adolescents should be evaluated yearly or every two years by a private medical provider. With seniors, it depends on their health condition and specific diseases they might be suffering from like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. So, they might require more health appraisals in a year than a younger adult or child.

What Are the 8 Categories of Child Care?

There are 8 types of child care as follows: mother’s helper, babysitter, nanny, Au Pair, daycare center, family daycare, relative care, and child care swap. A mother’s helper is a child care provider who sits at home with the child in the presence of one of the parents. A babysitter is a person hired by the hour to care for the child. A nanny is more involved with the family than a babysitter. Au Pair is a person from another country that attends to the child while living with the family. A home daycare center (or family daycare) is a person that provides daycare in an individual home (as opposed to a daycare center). Relative care is when a relative takes care of the child during the parents’ absence. Lastly, a child care swap is when two or more parents take care of each other’s children.

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