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Being conservative might work in particular situations, but adding a fresh touch to a known practice can revive things in a very pleasant way. Today we’d like to present you our brand new Applications section: a palette of 3rd party apps integrations to fit your needs, all dressed up in a revamped design.

For all history lovers out there, this is how our Applications section used to look like: 

old 123cf application section

If you log into your 123FormBuilder account, you’ll see from today on the new design like it is shown below:

new apps section

Cute, huh?

The new design of the Applications section aims to be more practical to you when you’re building a form and wishing to add any 3rd party apps to it. What once was a dropdown menu for choosing the desired app(s) has now turned into this list. The goal of it is to:

– have all applications at a glance
– be able to sort them into categories
– see a short description of each one of them when clicking onto it
– and be able to pick the needed app(s) faster and easier.

How do you add an application to your form?

If you’re already used to the easiness of our 1-2-3 form builder, you’ll find adding an application to a form just as easy. Let’s take it step by step:

1. Login to your 123FormBuilder account.
2. Create a new form or go to “My Forms” if you just wish to edit an existing form.
3. After finishing the “Edit Form” step, you’ll reach the “Form Settings” section or, otherwise put, step 2 from our form builder.
4. Select the “3rd Party Apps” option either from the top of the form editor or from its left side.
5. Look after the desired app(s) and click onto it (them). Voila!

add application to form


Types of 3rd party apps included in the 123FormBuilder Applications collection

123FormBuilder has integrations with a large variety of apps, aiming to offer you exactly what you’re looking for. That is why we’ve tried to include different types of apps such as CRMs, Email Marketing Systems, File Management Systems, Project Management Tools, Event Management Systems, Help Desk Software, Social Platforms and Developer Tools.

Let’s take a few seconds to review each of these app categories.

CRMs or Customer Relationship Management systems are the apps that help you manage your company’s interactions with actual and future customers. Maintaining your business afloat sure requires a lot of management, so why not ease this task a bit when possible? The job of the CRM is to streamline processes like marketing, sales, technical support or customer service. With 123FormBuilder, you can create CRM records directly from your web forms, at each submission. You can sync your form with SalesForce, Zoho CRM, Pipeline Deals and Top Producer.

Email Marketing Systems allow you to easily import emails and leads into your lists.The integration with 123FormBuilder helps you gather data like email addresses, phone numbers, names from your form submissions and add them to the email marketing system of your choice. The mailing integrations we feature in our collection are MailChimp, VerticalResponse, iContact, AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse and Enormail.

When talking about File Management Systems, our integration with Dropbox is worth mentioning. By enabling this integration, you can store the file uploads you receive within forms directly into your own Dropbox account, and extend your storage limits. Moreover, Dropbox allows you to share files with your entire team. Thus, for example if you post a Job Application Form, it’s useful to link it with Dropbox in order to store the applicants’ CVs and make them easily accessible for your entire HR department.

A Project Management Software comes in handy when having collaborative work to do. It can help you set event details (event type, due dates, task completion, budget) and share them with other colleagues, with your client or with the event organizing team. The project management software that we integrate with is Smartsheet, a simple but effective spreadsheet tool for all purposes.

Not far from the previous type of software there are the Event Management Systems. Our Google Calendar integration permits your clients to create appointments through your online form, which will be added to your Google Calendar. This way you can avoid having two meetings with customers overlapped and you’ll also know when your next appointment runs. Your visitors can also register to ready made Calendar events – you’ve guessed, using the same 123FormBuilder integration with Google Calendar.

For all businesses wishing to offer a superior level of customer care through HelpDesk Systems, we present to you our Zendesk integration. Issuing helpdesk tickets, tracking them and offering customer support is now easier from user submission on the form and upto getting the issue solved.

Because we all like to keep things social, companies also go social. Thus, we’ve integrated Social Platforms like Google Groups, Yahoo Groups and Twitter. Use them to add contacts collected from your forms to your groups or share your forms on all your social media profiles. With the 123FormBuilder app for Twitter, you can post updates via Twitter once there’s a submission. Pretty sweet, huh?

Last but not least, tech-savvy users and developers have one more reason of joy due to our Webhooks integration, a special Developer Tool. The user-defined HTTP callbacks let you define a measure to be taken when triggered by a specific user action. You can use Webhooks to post form submissions on webpages, to send them by email or perform any other action you would like.

We’ve got 19 third party applications for the moment and we’re planning to add more of them for each category in the future. Stay tuned and check for new features, as we always try to add in more value for you. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the new application section and send us your suggestions on apps you’d like to find at 123FormBuilder.


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