With the 123FormBuilder – MailChimp integration, you can import emails and leads from your submitters to your MailChimp lists or unsubscribe them. Provide your MailChimp API Key and go to Customize to set up your integration.

To retrieve the API key of your Mailchimp account follow the steps below:

  1. Log in into your Mailchimp account and go to your account settings (Your username → Account).

  2. Next go to Extras on the right panel and select API keys from the dropdown list.

    mailchimp form integration - retrieving API key

  3. Press Create A Key and a code will be generated on a line below Your API keys. That is your API key.

    MailChimp integration for 123FormBuilder - create API key

  4. Copy-paste the API key in the Mailchimp application box from your 123FormBuilder account and you are done.

    MailChimp Integration

In the Customize lightbox, use the Action dropdown to select any of the two available options: Add subscriber or Unsubscribe email. You cannot select more than one action per form integration. The first action will create a new subscriber in the mailing list you have selected in the Use List dropdown. The second action will unsubscribe the email address that has been specified on the form after submission.

In Options you can opt to update existing subscribers, add a double opt-in and send the welcome email from your MailChimp account. If the double opt-in option is selected, you can no longer use the last option.

Use the Groups subsection if you have groups in the selected list. In Fields, match MailChimp fields with your form fields and use the Error Handling subsection to set the email address that will receive errors upon submission (in the case the form users couldn’t submit the form because of a bad network connection).

MailChimp Integration

You can also add a mailing list opt-in checkbox to your form. Before having their email addresses sent to your MailChimp mailing lists, form users will be asked for confirmation. If you do not enable this option, the confirmation email will be sent by default after each submission to the recipient.

Online forms cannot be embedded in email marketing campaigns for security reasons on behalf of MailChimp. Therefore, we recommend you add the link to your form in the email template, if you want to send it to your subscribers. Embedding forms in any email represents risks and there are very few services that support it, not to mention that there’s a high chance end users will not be able to complete the form within the content of the email, as a reply.

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