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Branching & Conditional Logic Guide

123FormBuilder is a free form builder with conditional logic functionality, allowing its users to change the behavior of their web forms based on the input provided by their respondents.

With conditional logic you can change the behavior of your form based on user input and make your online forms more dynamic. At 123FormBuilder you can create complex and advanced rules that affect the behavior of your online forms. There are three types of rules you can create:

  • Field Rules
  • Autoresponder Rules
  • Form Rules

All of the three types of rules are located in the Form SettingsRules section of your form, under separated tabs.

123FormBuilder createrules that affect ></p>
<p><b>Field Rules</b> affect the behavior of your online form while it is being used. Here you can show or hide certain fields based on the input given by your submitters. These type of rules are applied in real-time, while the end users fill in the the online form.</p>
<p><b>Autoresponder Rules</b> trigger a specific autoresponder when one or more conditions are met. These type of rules apply after the end user submitted the form. </p>
<p><b>Form Rules</b> redirect end users to a certain web page that you have provided when some specific conditions are met. For example: You can use this option to redirect users to a different version of your website depending on the language they have selected on the form. Form rules apply after the form is submitted.</p>
<p>Besides form fields, you can also include the language field (if using translations) and the quiz score (for quiz forms) in any type of rule.</p>
<p><u><em>Important</u>: Separate rules that use the same field will not work on the form. This is due to a conflict issue. We recommend you create advanced rules with several conditions and subrules in the same rule, if needed.</em></p>
<p>If you want to use field rules, autoresponder rules or form rules – tick the option <em>Enable rules for this form</em>. It’s located under the <b>Field Rules</b> tab and applies to all three type of rules used. </p>
<p style=123FormBuilder Conditional Logic

To create a rule, click on the Add Rule button and a line will be displayed below. Use the first dropdown to select the field, the second to select the operator and the last field to conclude the condition. For input fields, you need to type a value. For choice fields such as radio buttons or check boxes, you have a dropdown with the predefined values is checked and is not checked.

123FormBuilder Conditional Logic

123FormBuilder Conditional Logic

The grey plus button on the right creates a new condition that is linked to the previous one through connectors. Conditions from the same rule are linked either with the connector AND or OR. The grey button will appear next to the last condition of each rule or subrule.

123FormBuilder Conditional Logic

If you want to edit a condition from your rule, hover over it and press the button Edit or Delete if you want to delete it completely. Next to these buttons you’ll find the Subrule button that creates a subrule within the respective condition.

123FormBuilder Conditional Logic

If you want to delete a subrule, hover on top of the condition and select the Delete button.

123FormBuilder Conditional Logic

To delete a rule, hover over the layout of the rule and tick the checkbox on the top right. Press Delete on top to delete it or Duplicate to make a copy of the rule. You can select several rules and delete or duplicate them at the same time. Use the Unselect rules button to clear all selections.



  1. Is it possible to use form rules to link a few 123forms to each other? ie: are the your forms’ URLs static? (In fact: are the URLs anything I can select/specify?)

    1. Hello Rachel,

      I apologize for replying this late. Regarding your questions – yes, it is possible. When previewing your form, you can copy the URL that shows up in the browser and use that URL in any of your form rules at other forms. You can create form rules where form users are redirected to different forms based on certain conditions. If you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at: http://www.123formbuilder.com/contactus.html

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