Can I create rules based on quiz results?

Can I create rules based on quiz results?

Yes, you can create rules based on quiz results. If it’s a field rule, confirmation rule or form rule, you can change the behavior of the form based on the score of the quiz. Simply create a rule and you’ll find the Quiz score field on the bottom part of the first dropdown list within the rule. The quiz score will change in real-time if the form user selects other options on the quiz before submission.

Note: The only operators that are available for the quiz score are: is, is greater than, is less than.

Here is an example:

rules based on quiz results

This is a form rule that redirects form users to a web page on submission if they scored over 70 points on the quiz. Here you can add the URL of a downloadable document, such as a certificate.

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
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  1. Rob Rickert says:

    Can this only got to a certificate? I tried linking to an actual web page and it doesn’t seem to work…

    • Hello Rob!

      Yes, you can redirect submitter to a certificate on your webpage based on their quiz results. Go to Form Rules and set up the rule ‘If Quiz Score is [add your value] then redirect to [provide website]’. You can also change the operator to ‘is greater than’ or ‘is less than’, depending on your scenario.

      Has this helped? You can always contact our support specialists at or via Live Chat (9 AM – 5 PM GMT+2).


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