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Use the 123FormBuilder – Unbounce integration to expand the horizon of your business. Unbounce is an effective landing page builder for marketing campaigns, where you can add leads, create complex landing pages with different widgets, and see which page performs best. Our integration with Unbounce allows you to track form submissions as Unbounce conversions and generate new leads in your Unbounce account. You will also need to Unbounce integration

Follow these easy steps to enable the 123FormBuilder – Unbounce integration:

Before connecting the Unbounce app to your form, make sure you are logged in your Unbounce account in the same browser.

How to connect to Unbounce

Unbounce Login

1. Go to Settings3rd Party Apps and add Unbounce to your form.

2. Go to the Unbounce application box and press Connect to Unbounce. If you are already logged in your Unbounce account, the User Account and Token will be automatically filled in with the necessary data. If not, you will be redirected to Unbounce to provide your username and password.

*Once connected, the Customize lightbox will automatically appear on screen.

How to customize the Unbounce application

1. In the Customize lightbox, select the User Account and Page from your Unbounce account.
2. Tick the Conversion option, if you want your form submissions to be considered Unbounce conversions.
3. In the Form Fields section, associate 123FormBuilder fields with Unbounce fields.
Fields located on the left side of the Form Fields subsection are actually the fields that currently exist in your form. Each time you add a new field on your form, you’ll also find it in here.
There are three option types available in the dropdown lists on the right:

  • Do not send to Unbounce – the form field’s input will not be sent to your Unbounce account.
  • Send to existing Unbounce form fields – the form field’s input will be sent to the Unbounce form field you have created on your landing page.
  • Send to Unbounce lead column – to create a new column in your View Leads section in Unbounce with the name of your form field.

4. Press Save and you’re done. Now, when somebody fills out the form, you’ll find a new lead in the View leads section of your Unbounce Page Overview. If you have enabled the conversion tracking option, each form submission will be considered a conversion.

It’s important to note that our scripts detect on which page the user was when filling out the form, meaning that your Unbounce statistics remain completely accurate when you’re using 123FormBuilder web forms.

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