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Enormail Integration

This integration is especially provided for our Dutch users. With this application you can integrate your 123FormBuilder web form with your Enormail mailing lists. The fields to which you can send data are: Name, Email, Last Name, Gender, Company, Address, Zipcode, City, Country, Telephone and Mobile.

You will find the application in the dropdown list from Settings3rd Party Apps.

Here are the steps to enable the Enormail integration to your form:

  1. Set as required the fields Name and Email in your Form Editor.
  2. In Settings3rd Party Apps add Enormail and introduce the API Key of your Enormail account. You’ll find your API Key in the section Mijn accountAPI toegang of your Enormail account.

  3. Enormail-integration-completed

  4. Select a list from Use list and hit Customize. Associate Enormail fields with your 123FormBuilder fields. They are split into Mandatory fields and Optional fields. If you choose to use Gender, set the choice option with the values m and f in your Form Editor. Otherwise it won’t appear in your Enormail account. Next press Save and you’re good to go!

Now your Enormail list will retrieve contacts from your form, at each form submission. You’ll find your entries in Contacten within your Enormail account. That’s all and it’s easy as 1-2-3!

Important: Integrating complex fields, such as Address, into your form will not allow for subfields to be associated separately with your Enormail fields. Therefore we recommend you to use Text Boxes and Number fields to describe the location.

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