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Google Groups

Enabling the Google Groups application will automatically add your submitters’ emails to your Google Group. Type the name of your group and click Visit to make sure it’s the right one. Then select, in the dropdown list, the form field which contains your submitters’ email addresses and press Save.

Google Groups Integration


  1. I keep getting an error message when using this app. Is there a security setting that has to be changed on the google group for this to work?

  2. We run events where people get to choose whether they are added to the event Google Group or not. Is there a way to set a rule so that the people who indicate that they want to be added get added, and the people who don’t want to be added don’t get added?

    1. Hello Sarah!

      Unfortunately, our Google Groups application doesn’t feature an opt-in checkbox. However, you could create a separate contact form and integrate it with Google Groups. Add a checkbox to your existing form and set up a form rule that will redirect your visitors to the contact form if the checkbox has been checked. This way, if a visitor wishes to be added to your group, he/she will tick the checkbox to be redirected upon submission to the contact form. Once the visitor submits the contact form, his/her data will be sent to your group. Read more on our documentation about Form Rules. Has this been helpful?

      Also, have a look on how to pass user input from one form to another if interested. Do you use Google Calendar? Wouldn’t you try our Google Calendar integration for events?

      For more assistance or questions, please contact our Support Team at //www.123formbuilder.com/contactus.html.


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