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Twitter integration

twitter integration

Twitter integration generates a tweet from your Twitter account for every new entry your web form receives. To enable the Twitter application, go to Settings3rd Party Apps, select Twitter in the dropdown list and press Add. Click on Connect to Twitter.

You’ll be redirected to a page where you need to provide your Twitter username and password. Press Sign in. On this page, you can also read about what the 123FormBuilder application will or will not be able to do with respect to your Twitter account.

123formbuilder twitter form integration

Hit Auhtorize app to return back to the application. You can now customize the text that tweets will contain. By default, the message is [%Name%] has just registered on {{FormName}}. In the actual tweets, {{FormName}} will be replaced with the name of your form. [%Name%] refers to the Name form field and will be replaced with the input provided by form visitors in that field. All of your form fields can be used in the same way.

For example:

  • to reach the form field labeled Website, you will need this code: [%Website%]
  • to get users’ input for a field named Favorite browser, type [%Favorite browser%]

Inlude these codes in the text customization box and your Twitter messages will pick up the input provided by your form visitors in those fields.

Twitter Integration

Keep in mind that visitors’ input will be included in your tweets according to your specifications. What they type within form fields will be contained in the messages tweeted from your Twitter account.

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