The integration of 123FormBuilder web forms with the Zendesk help desk picks up and sends support tickets to the Zendesk interface, where they are managed like any other Zendesk support ticket. If you use this integration, clients won’t necessarily have to go to your help desk to request support; they will just need to fill out your 123FormBuilder web form, which can be published anywhere on the web. Besides tickets, you may use our integration to create or update organizations, users and articles.

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To enable the Zendesk integration, go to your Settings3rd Party Apps section, select Zendesk in the dropdown list and press Add. The application box will show up on your page. Fill in your Zendesk URL and provide your Zendesk username and token to allow the applications to communicate. Here is a tutorial on how to retrieve your token. Remember to also enable the token access feature in Zendesk for the integration to work properly.

Select the object type you want to create: Ticket, User, Article or Organization. Click on Customize to create field associations. Match the Zendesk fields on the left side of the lightbox with the 123FormBuilder fields on the right. If you do not match fields that are required in Zendesk, the integration will not work. Save the settings and, from now on, all the messages sent through your form will arrive to your Zendesk help desk.

In the customization lightbox you can map form fields with default and custom fields from Zendesk. If you want to use Zendesk custom fields, make sure they don’t have the same name as your standard fields in Zendesk, otherwise their input data will not be sent to Zendesk at all.

123formbuilder zendesk integration

Create Ticket

In the application box, use the dropdown to select Ticket if you want to send form submissions to your Zendesk platform as support tickets. Under Settings, you can opt to send the content of the submission to ticket comments, update ticket and attach the form submission as a PDF file to the ticket.

In order to update tickets, you’ll need to specify the subject field in the dropdown that appears once the option is checked. If you want to attach the form submission as a PDF file to the ticket, make sure you enable the Attach submission as PDF to the notification email option in Form SettingsNotificationsPDF Options.

If you want to create tickets through submissions, note that Subject, Description, Name and Email are required fields; Ticket Type, Priority and Attach File are optional.

123formbuilder zendesk integration

Create User

In the application box, use the dropdown to select User if you want to create a new users in your Zendesk account after each form submission. In the customization lightbox, map the fields for name and email, which are required, and other fields if needed.

Under Settings, you can opt to update users based on the submitted email address on the form. A dropdown will appear below when the option is enabled. Use that dropdown to select the field where the form visitors submit their email address.

123formbuilder zendesk integration

Create Article

In the application box, use the dropdown to select Article if you want to create a new article in your Zendesk account after each form submission. Make sure you map the required fields Section, Language and Title, followed by the optional fields, if needed.

Note: If you create new articles through form submissions in a certain language, you will not find them in Zendesk, unless you select the respective language in the language bar of your Zendesk interface. Articles will be visible in the language they were set.

123formbuilder zendesk integration

Create Organization

In the application box, use the dropdown to select Organization if you want to create a new organization in Zendesk after each form submission. Set the name field as required and make sure you map it in the customization lightbox, together with other optional fields, if needed.

Under Settings, you can opt to update organizations based on their names in your Zendesk account. Tick the checkbox to enable the feature and use the dropdown to select the field of the form that will be used to find and update the respective organization.

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    I am interested in knowing more/testing the platinum edition. We have 11 users, we are about to purchase the Zendesk licenses and I would like to assess the integration of your application.

    Can I have access to a test version?


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