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Pipeline Deals

Integrate your forms with Pipeline Deals to have People and Deals added to your Pipeline Deals lists at every form submission. Go to Settings3rd Party Apps, select Pipeline Deals in the dropdown list and press Add.

Provide your API Key in the customization lightbox and choose the type of Object that you want to create: People, Deals or People + Deals. Needless to say that the first option sends information to the People section in your Pipeline Deals account, the second to Deals and the third one to both.

Click Customize to open the customization lightbox and create associations between the fields in your 123FormBuilder web form and the fields in your Pipeline Deals lists. New contact and lead information will be added to your Pipeline Deals account according to these associations.

To use custom fields, make sure you connect your Pipeline Deals account to the form before going to the customization lightbox. Press Customize and you’ll see your custom fields on the left side, under the default fields. Associate them with your form fields and don’t forget to save upon exit.


    1. Hello Vince!

      Are you referring to the mapping mechanism with custom fields, as specified in a comment below, or the integration itself? You may find the Pipeline Deals integration in the Settings3rd Party Apps section of your form.

      For more support, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@123formbuilder.com and our colleagues at customer support will more than gladly help.


  1. pipelinedeals.com integration.
    How can i bring in custom fields i’ve created in pipelinedeals.com

      1. It would be great to have this feature soon! Can you please provide us with a timeframe whenever you decide on one.


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