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iContact integration allows you to send form visitors’ information to your iContact lists automatically. At every submission, you’ll have a new contact added to one of your lists. Go to Settings3rd Party Apps, choose iContact and press Add. Provide your iContact username and password and press Save. Then choose the iContact list to which you want to add contacts.
icontact web form integration
web form icontact integration
Next, you need to create form fields assocations, to establish what piece of information goes where. Press Customize to open the customization lightbox. On the left side, you’ve got the available iContact fields. The dropdown lists on the right side contain the fields within your form. Specify what information will be sent to your list for each field. For instance, for the first iContact field – Email – select your Email form field. For the second one – Last Name – select Name – Last and so on.
See how to add an opt-in checkbox to your form. Before having their contact data sent to your iContact account, form users will be asked for confirmation.

If you want to send form data to iContact custom fields, scroll down in the Customize lightbox to the Custom fields subsection. Associate fields and you are done.

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