February 6, 2013

Can users preview the submission summary before sending the form?

Yes, users can preview a summary of their form submission before sending the form. This is especially useful with order forms. Customers can review the order […]
February 6, 2013

How to process online payments with Stripe Payments Gateway

The 123FormBuilder – Stripe payment integration provides an extremely easy way to collect payments with your
February 5, 2013


In the Settings → Advanced section, you can do the following: Allow respondents to save the submission and resume later. Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions […]
February 5, 2013

How to add JavaScript code to the Thank You page?

If you want to add Javascript code to the Thank You page of your form, you can do that in the Settings → Advanced section. Tick […]
January 28, 2013

Step by step guide on PayPal Payflow integration

An order form with PayPal Payflow integration allows customers to provide their payment details directly on your
January 18, 2013

How to post web forms on Tumblr?

To publish your form on the Tumblr blog hosting platform, follow the steps below: In your Tumblr account, go to the Settings section. Click on the […]
December 28, 2012

The application for Facebook isn’t working. What to do?

When the 123FormBuilder application for Facebook is not added to your Facebook page if accessed at its normal URL (https://apps.facebook.com/contact-forms/), you can use a workaround. Access […]
December 28, 2012


Using the 123FormBuilder – Dropbox integration you can have the files uploaded by visitors through your form sent directly to your Dropbox account at form submission. […]
December 28, 2012

How to hide form fields?

To hide form fields, go to the Form Editor, click on the field that you want to hide and, in its Edit Field panel, tick the […]
December 28, 2012

Can I add a Print button to my form?

Yes, you can add a Print button. The Print button will show up at the bottom of your form. When clicked by form users, the button […]
December 28, 2012

Can I remove the autofocus from the first field?

Can I remove the autofocus from the first field? Yes, you can. The autofocus on the first field is usually useful, but there are situations when […]
December 27, 2012

Can I publish two forms on the same web page?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind that the Knowledge Base refers to forms published on regular web pages, using the Get Code & Publish → Embed […]
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