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[123FormBuilder – AppExchange] Lookup fields

By using a lookup field, you can search a specific information within a Salesforce object and return the content of a field, a record ID or account ID in the other object. Let’s say these two objects are Accounts and Leads.

Step 1

1. First, go to the Lookup field section on the left menu and click Add Lookup field.

2. Select the Salesforce object where the search should be made to find a record (in this case the object will be Lead).

3. Give a name to your lookup, you might create more than one.

4. The lookup is based on an entry made on the form. So at this point, you have to add a filter and select the form field that will contain the word the search will be made by in Lead.

5. Select an operator

6. Find the form field entry in a specific Salesforce field.

7. Select the field that has to be returned in Accounts.

8. Save the settings.

Step 2

1. Go to the Object Mapping section and select the object where the field from Leads will be returned, in this case Account.

2. Select the Salesforce field where the data should be returned and match it with the lookup object you created.

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