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With the prefill functionality, you can pre-populate form fields based on a lookup keyword entered in a predefined link. There are two parts to complete:

1. The first one is the lookup configuration. Go to the Object Lookup tab and select the Salesforce object where you want to search for the information (we will take Lead as example).

Next, add a filter (this filter is in fact the information the search will be made by) which in this case will be the Last name that will be equal with a value (let’s say Name). You’ll see later for what Name is needed. Then, select from what Salesforce fields the information should be retrieved.

2. Now we will move to the next part, prefilling the form. Here you have to choose the lookup you’ve just created, no triggers are needed and the data should load when the form is loaded. Afterwards, map the Salesforce fields with the form fields where you want to have the information loaded.

Don’t forget to apply the changes. You will find the link below the associated fields.

As you can see, the Name value entered before at point 1, appears in your link. Instead your_value, add a the last name that exist in one of your Lead records.

Bianca Nicolae
Bianca Nicolae
Bianca is a Business Analyst at 123FormBuilder. She identifies and implements strategies for product growth through data analysis and creative thinking.

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