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How to encrypt form data?

Data encryption is an easy way to secure your form data within your 123FormBuilder account. To encrypt form data, follow the instructions below:

1. Log into your 123FormBuilder account.

2. Go to My Account.

3. Under Account Details, click on the toggle for Data Encryption to turn it on.

The data encryption request will be pending until changes take affect between 24-48 hours. Furthermore, keep in mind that other features may become unavailable, such as the Submissions section. If you want to disable this feature, simply repeat the steps above and use the toggle again to turn it off.

Keep in mind that some features and options are disabled while your form data is encrypted. The default report is hidden, but you may create custom reports that are visible even when the form encryption is turned on. Other deactivated options include the advanced search tool in the Submissions section. No submission edits will be visible in the submissions table after update.

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