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How to enable third party cookies in your web browser?

If you encounter login problems or other similar issues while trying to use the 123FormBuilder web form builder, you'll need to enable third party… Read more

How to encrypt form data?

Data encryption is an easy way to secure your form data within your 123FormBuilder account. To encrypt form data, follow the instructions below: 1.… Read more

Social Login

You can use social login to sign up and sign in your 123FormBuilder account with your Google, Google Apps, Facebook or Yahoo open ID.… Read more

What happens to my account when the subscription is cancelled/downgraded?

After you have cancelled or downgraded your 123FormBuilder subscription, some of the advanced features will be automatically disabled. Other features will not be automatically… Read more

Is 123FormBuilder supported on Android?

Yes, the 123FormBuilder form builder runs on any Android phone device (no tablets, for the moment). Use this app only if you already have… Read more

How to change favicon of 123FormBuilder account?

A favicon is the tiny icon displayed in the browser tab where the webpage is opened. It usually has the extension .ico and is… Read more

Multi-Factor Authentication Login

By default, you log into your 123FormBuilder in a one-step verification process: your username and password. If you want to increase the security of… Read more

What account limits are reset monthly and when?

The only account limit that is reset monthly is the submissions limit. Unfortunately, other limits such as the file storage do not get reset… Read more

How to manage 123FormBuilder account subscriptions?

Once you have created a paid subscription on our platform, you can start using all the available features included in your plan. You will… Read more

How does Avangate handle 123FormBuilder subscriptions?

Avangate is the payment processor we use to charge our paying subscribers. It's best known to serve and deliver eCommerce services to individual customers… Read more

How many login attempts does 123FormBuilder allow?

We allow four login attempts, to prevent accounts from being abused by other people. If you fail to type in the correct password on… Read more

White Label Form Builder

With our white label form builder solution, you can fully brand your 123FormBuilder account and provide your own form building service to your customers.… Read more