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Collecting Payments Online With 123FormBuilder: The 3 M’s of Success


by 123FormBuilder

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Internet has revolutionized the way we pay. When Pizza Hut opened the first ever online shop back in 1994, just a couple of moon shooters may have imagined the idea of paying like we do today. People get more and more accustomed to sending payments in just a few mouse clicks or taps on their mobile phones. As a merchant, you are probably asking yourself “How to make it simple for people to send payments over?” If so, read on!

The question contains your answer. When you are off to gather those payments online, a simple yet flexible checkout method is key – and web forms are champions of effectiveness for everybody. The rest of this article will show you just how many options you can give to your customers for sending money over with 123FormBuilder. The pizza guys may have been the first ones to sell online, but now it’s the turn for your own business or organization to bring the dough in.

Multi-Gateway, Multi-Currency, Multi-Channel Payment Forms

These are our 3 M’s: 123FormBuilder’s payment integrations in a nutshell. Let’s break it to pieces and see what’s in there for everybody.

First and foremost, to receive payments online you just need to create your order form and link it to the payment processor(s) you need to start collecting money. 123FormBuilder is the only web form builder that integrates multiple payment gateways at once, on the same form, as you can see on our market comparison chart. We currently synchronize with 11 payment processors and still adding more.

Why is it a good idea to enable multiple gateways on the same form? (provided you own a merchant account for each, of course) Because payment gateways can come with certain restrictions. It’s known that PayPal doesn’t operate in India, whilst Stripe is a US-only payment processor. If your company has several offices located across the world, you can just create one order form with multiple payment options for everybody and make sure you lose no business on the way.

Whether your business operates locally or globally, with 123FormBuilder you can receive payments in your currency of choice.  From US dollars to Norwegian krones, from Japanese yens to Swiss francs, everybody can find their own among our list of 27 currency types. If by slight chance yours is not included yet, you have two options: either choose Other from the dropdown list, or, even better, get in touch with our team to have that particular currency added.

As you may already know, it’s a rule of thumb to be where your customers are. The forms you create with 123FormBuilder are mobile compatible and help you reach to your customers easily. “Multi-channel” means that you can publish your forms on almost any web platform, from your website to your business’ Facebook page. And did you know that with 123FormBuilder you don’t even need a website in order to sell online? It’s true: your online order form link can reach your customers through email, social media or web groups – just check out our HootSuite integration or the new 123FormBuilder app for ExactTarget!

Secure payments made easy

Processing sensitive data online generally requires a secure environment granted by SSL data encryption. When taking online orders, you can choose to just create a form containing your products and prices, let users calculate the total price of their order and submit the request, after which you will manually process the orders and invoice customers. Or you can go a step further and integrate payment processing on your form.

123FormBuilder offers the option of enabling SSL security certificates on the web form. In the first case described above, where you don’t process payments online, SSL is not mandatory on your purchase order forms, although it’s recommended. When you actually get to the step of taking payments however, you need to make sure SSL is enabled so that your data is safe at all times.

Speaking of how the actual payment is made, 123FormBuilder has two types of payment integrations:

– With redirection from the form to the payment processor’s page to make the transaction: PayPal Standard, SagePay, Sisow,, PayFast

– On-form payments: PayPal Payflow, PayPal Advanced, PayPal Pro, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Stripe

When you value the smooth user experience, we recommend making your pick from among the gateways that allow for on-page payment without redirect. Your users won’t have to perform an additional step where they might get lost or forget just the essential part – to make the actual payment. All payment processors we integrate with are PCI compliant.

Keep in mind that any questions you may have on creating a payment form, our Support team is happy to help. Now get those payments flowing!

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