Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit this computer order form template?

You certainly can! You’ll just need a 123FormBuilder account. If you don’t have one, create one for free when using the import button. Need more time to decide upon signing up? Then learn more about our online order forms and how they could be a match for your needs. No programming skills needed! Just use the form editor to drag and drop fields, and the other available settings that will make your computer order form the way you like it. You can add images of the computers or computer parts you are selling, include radio buttons or checkboxes where buyers can select extra features, and other form fields that have built-in validation. This way, you know you are collecting the correct information in each input. We also provide a complete collection of form themes, but also the option to build your form design from scratch. Other features include custom email notifications and payment gateways that you can use to get paid online.

How can I use this computer order form?

You can publish this computer order form on your website with a simple copy and paste. Once you are done configuring the form, you can select between a variety of publishing options. And because buyers usually dwell on the Web with their cellphones, you don’t need to worry about hiring a programmer to make the form mobile-responsive. It already is since the moment you published it.

Can I keep track of my customers’ orders?

Yes, you can keep track of all the orders that have been submitted in the data table that this computer order form comes with. There you can update, export, or print your orders for shipping and other processes that you have in-between. If you are limited on the number of computers you sell per brand, you can limit the number of products that your customers can buy within minutes.

Can I integrate this form with my tools?

123FormBuilder is packed with form integrations that you can use on your order form. These integrations include, and are not limited to, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more. If there’s an integration you cannot find, contact us and we might find a solution that works for you.

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