Frequently Asked Questions

How can I edit this clothing order form template?

Customize this clothing order form template in any way you need with 123FormBuilder. Just import this template into your account. New to 123FormBuilder? Learn more about our online order forms and how they can help your business. If interested, sign up now! Once in the form editor, use the drag and drop functionality to adjust the order form as you see fit. Add images, customize the colors and fonts, include price fields, dropdown options, and much more. Then create a confirmation email and notifications for all individuals involved in fulfilling the order. That’s it!

What type of clothes can I sell with this order form?

Any type of apparel you are selling such as shoes, jackets, or hats. You can add the photos of your products and add them to the form, so your customers can preview the items they can buy from your store.

Can I integrate my payment provider?

Yes, you can integrate your clothing order form with any of the most popular payment providers such as PayPal or Square. You can add multiple payment gateways to the form and multiple payment methods.

 Can I keep track of my orders?

Yes! You’ll receive an email notification for each order and you can opt to get notified on your mobile, too, via short message. Not only that but all orders are stored in a repository that comes with the form and you have full access to. You can access the repository to view and manage your orders.

How can I use this clothing order form template?

You can use this form to sell a variety of clothing items such as t-shirts, dresses, or hats. You can embed the form on your website or share its link with your customers directly. 123FormBuilder offers plenty of publishing options and is integrated with the most popular platforms such as Wix and Shopify. And we have many other form integrations that you might find useful.

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