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123FormBuilder web forms can be integrated easily with payment processors, so as for you to get paid as quick as 1-2-3. Payment integration can be set up for PayPal, Google Checkout or You can use either of them or all of them for any of your web forms.

Payment Integration - Google Checkout &

We’ve discussed PayPal integration in a previous post. To enable Google Checkout integration or integration, you need to do pretty much the same as with PayPal integration.

Visit your Settings -> Payments section and tick Accept payments via Google Checkout and/or Accept payments via Then provide your merchant ID and Key, press Save and you’re set.

However, there are more interesting things that you can do apart from simple payment integration. You can assign different prices to different products and, moreover, you can create calculation formulas that will allow you to apply taxes or special discounts when charging an order.

Assign prices to form fields

Say, for example, that you want to assign different prices to several product models. Focus on the second box of your Payments section – Assign Prices. The first option allows you to assign a fixed price to a single product. But what you want to do – if you’re selling more than one product trough your form – is assign a specific amount to each product.

So move on to the next option – Assign prices to fields. Select, in the dropdown list, the field that contains your product models; it should be a dropdown list, a radio buttons field or a checkbox field. Press Add and the model options will appear right below. Specify the price for each product type.

Then set up the amazing Advanced price calculations. Press the blue button to get started.

Using advanced price calculations, you can apply taxes and discounts to individual items and to the order as a whole. With individual items, you are basically going to create formulas that will multiply two of your form fields. For example, you can multiply the product model by the quantity specified by your form visitors. Choose the form fields in the two dropdown lists (as shown in the image below). Then, type the tax and/or discount that will apply to the resulted amount in the boxes on the right side, in percentages.

To set up a new formula, press Add new calculation formula. To delete one, click on the Delete red cross sign at the right end of the formula row.

Tip: By default, when a two-field calculation formula hasn’t been set up yet, the first form field will be multiplied by 1. If you want to apply taxes and discounts to a product irrespective of the ordered quantity or other factors, then just leave it like this.

Advanced Price Calculations

When you’re done applying taxes and discounts for individual items, you can do the same for the entire order. To set up taxes and discounts on the total amount, type the percentages in the boxes Tax on total and Discount on total and specify, in the fields on the right, what they represent. Press Save at the end.

From now on, every order will be charged according to the prices and calculation formulas you’ve created. To sum up, with 123FormBuilder order forms, you can sell differently priced items through the same form and apply customized tax and discount amounts to your customers’ orders. Accepting payments has never been easier!


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