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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a feedback survey?

A feedback survey is a process or method that helps measure and identify sentiments your audience has towards your topic, business, or activity. It consists of a series of questions that the respondents answer openly or select an existing answer from multiple available options. Feedback surveys are standard between businesses and consumers, between employees, and in education.

What should you include in a feedback survey?

The feedback survey questions must be straightforward to understand by your audience. Don’t use long sentences for your questions, and opt for a simple survey form design that doesn’t distract your respondents. Our survey maker included a variety of templates that can inspire your next survey. You can also duplicate these templates on 123FormBuilder and use them as your own.

Why are surveys good for feedback?

Surveys are good for feedback for various reasons, but most importantly, they speed up the feedback process, and you can use them online, which helps in remote environments. For example, our survey tool enables you to build and run your survey within minutes, and you can access your reports in real-time from any location online. This way, you can easily spot improvements in your business without running long studies on your customers and employees through interviews or calls.