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Frequently Asked Questions

What should you include in an employee survey?

The scope of an employee survey is to capture information that explores the wellbeing, satisfaction, alignment, and expectations of your employees. Depending on the specific type of employee survey you want to run, use survey questions that are easy for your employees to answer. Keep it simple and engage your employees with straightforward questions, one step at a time. You’ll find a variety of employee survey template at 123FormBuilder that you can easily customize with our survey maker.

What is the purpose of staff surveys?

If you want your business to strive and make your customers happy, you’ll need to focus on your employees. That’s why surveying your staff from time to time with engaging surveys helps create a company culture that delivers positive results for both the business and the customer.

Are employee surveys effective?

Employee surveys help define the way you’re leading your company but just collecting your employees’ responses is not enough. You need to act upon them and make some decisions from an HR standpoint if you want to obtain positive results. Running employee surveys without doing anything else with the data you’ve gathered at the end will never have any effect in your organization. How you can act may be seen in the survey results that you can aggregate in reports that you can easily customize with 123FormBuilder.

How do I do an employee survey?

To create an employee survey, select a template from our gallery or create one from scratch using 123FormBuilder and its abundance of survey-related features. Once you’ve created your survey form, you can choose the medium where the survey will be embedded and shared.

Are employee surveys really anonymous?

With our survey maker, your employees can fill in your survey without providing any identity credentials (name or email). Of course, if you desire, you can add name and email fields to the form or questionnaire that will require your employees to fill them in and thus remove any anonymity.