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Create an Appointment Booking Form with 123FormBuilder

If you need a customizable scheduling form to book appointments, collect relevant information, and schedule meetings easily from any desktop or mobile device, 123FormBuilder’s appointment form templates are the answer.

Our online appointment forms are tailored for professionals who need to organize meetings with customers, patients, students, or employees.

The process is quite simple:

  1. Choose an appointment form template from 123FormBuilder’s list
  2. Modify it on 123FormBuilder using drag-and-drop and other features
  3. Generate the embed code (no coding required, by the way!)
  4. Copy & paste the code or form link where you want others to book an appointment with you

You can also create your appointment form from scratch and configure it with features like:

  • Adding your own logo & branding elements
  • Using upload fields to receive documents through the online appointment form
  • Enabling online payments by connecting to your preferred payment gateway

What are the Benefits of Using the 123FormBuilder Tool?

123FormBuilder is a versatile form builder that allows you to create your online form and use it in your own business to book appointments with new clients. The tool offers a variety of appointment form templates to choose from for doctors, business owners, and school staff.

With 123FormBuilder, you can create an appointment form and automate the booking process from the moment someone books an appointment to the moment you receive the booking details and lock your calendar.

No more wasting time managing spreadsheets, timesheets, or booking sheets. It’s time you get on with your life while the appointments manage themselves through smart forms.

Here’s what you can expect with 123FormBuilder’s appointment forms:

  • Seamless data collection
  • Branding capabilities
  • Smart scheduling with the possibility of linking your Google calendar
  • Adaptability on any website
  • Connectivity with Google sheets and other apps
  • Possibility to limit appointments on certain dates and hours
  • Keeping track of appointments in one place
  • Possibility to approve or reject specific appointments
  • Scheduling automatic email replies

How do I Create an Online Appointment Form Template?

To create an appointment form for your company, simply duplicate one of 123FormBuilder’s appointment form templates, modify it with your keyboard and mouse, and share it online with a copy-and-paste effort.

How can I Customize my Appointment Form Template?

With 123FormBuilder, you can schedule meetings easily through appointment forms. Here’s how you can customize any of the appointment form templates from our collection:

  • You can apply your own branding to the form
  • You can edit the fields and rearrange them in the form layout
  • You can add additional fields – including electronic signatures, Google maps, and file uploads
  • You can apply your CSS and JavaScript to the form
  • You can connect your appointment form to a preferred third-party tool
  • You can receive payments over each booking

Take note that not all of the above are available on 123FormBuilder’s Free plan. You can, however, try each one of them while previewing and testing your appointment form.

Who Needs an Appointment Booking Form Template?

Scheduling appointments and meetings help organizations manage projects, find new clients, and improve business trajectories.

Here’s where an appointment form comes in handy:

  • Scheduling medical consultations at the doctor’s office
  • Scheduling new client meetings
  • Scheduling internal staff meetings

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

With 123FormBuilder, you can create appointment forms and connect them with your favorite tools using one of the 80+ available native apps or 4,000+ available zaps on Zapier.

forms with salesforce forms with mailchimp forms with evernote forms with google sheets

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Appointment forms – Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appointment form?

An appointment form is a document that a patient, client, student, or employee fills in when requesting a meeting with a doctor, business, teacher, school administration, human resources, or employer.

An online appointment form is a modern tool that enables businesses to automate appointments and minimize the paperwork it would usually involve from phone calls and spreadsheets.

How do I make a scheduling appointment?

Create a scheduling appointment system with 123FormBuilder. It’s quite simple! First, choose the form template you like from our available free appointment form templates. Next, copy the template in our form builder and start automating the appointment process with conditional logic, approval chains, Google calendar integration, and more. Get started for free!

What is appointment request form?

An appointment request form is a type of form that you use to request an appointment with a doctor, school, employer, or any service provider.

How do I write an appointment letter?

An appointment letter is an official document that informs a job candidate about an employment offer. It’s not the same as with an appointment form that a person can use to schedule and book meetings.

The easiest way to write an appointment letter is to use a template. Even better, you can use an online form to write down the job description and the employment offer, and include an electronic signature that the candidate can sign if agreed. You can easily create an online appointment letter with one of 123FormBuilder’s form templates.