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Create a secure referral form with 123FormBuilder

Our customizable online referral forms are perfect for referring and collecting important details in the most effective ways. Just choose a referral form template from our collection and customize it easily with our form builder without using code.

You can use 123FormBuilder’s referral forms with employees, customers, contractors, or patients. And, because the forms are online, they are easier to maintain, manage, and deploy. Not to mention the fact that our referral form templates are secure and compliant with GDPR and HIPAA (upon request). So, you can securely collect contact details and other relevant information that makes the referral valid and actionable.

Select a template or create your referral form from scratch using the form editor on 123FormBuilder. You can brand it with your colors, adjust its dimensions on your website, connect it with your favorite tools like Google sheets, configure email notifications, set up approval chains, and more.

If you need more than referral forms for your business, there are more templates on 123FormBuilder that you can edit and use online.

What are the Benefits of Using the 123FormBuilder tool?

Running an employee referral program or creating a medical referral form can take a lot of your time. 123FormBuilder comes with the features and drag-and-drop simplicity that allows you to build your form in minutes and run an efficient referral program.

The biggest advantage of an online form is that anyone can fill it in to refer a person, a company, or specific services, at any time, from any location. No need to transfer referred information offline through couriers or postal services.

123FormBuilder’s referral form templates help collect:

  • Vendor recommendations
  • Background information
  • Referral source
  • Client’s information
  • Housing information
  • Insurance specifics
  • Treatment history

Need to collect patients or clients with specific services or new providers? Do you need a medical referral form template that matches your medical settings, a customer referral template for existing customers or new clients, or a contractor referral form template for your company? Browse our available online referral forms on 123FormBuilder, pick one of the templates, and build your form as easy as 1-2-3!

How do I Create a Referral Form Template?

You can easily create a referral form by selecting one of the available templates on 123FormBuilder. Once you have found what you need, sign up to 123FormBuilder and duplicate the template in your account. Next, use the editor to drag and drop fields, change labels, add new questions, and others. Configure email notifications, connect to a tool if you need to, set up autoresponders (to thank for the referral), and select a publish method.

How can I Customize my Referral Form Template?

Easily customize the form on 123FormBuilder. All you need is a 123FormBuilder account. Don’t have one? You can sign up for free without having to provide credit card details.

Who Needs a Referral Form Template?

Healthcare providers, social service agencies, employers, employees, patients – about any organization uses referral forms to collect referrals, get referred, and for referring services, people, or products.

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

You can connect any of these referral form templates with other tools like Google sheets, Mailchimp, or Salesforce and streamline the data from one end to another. With over 80+ native integrations and a strong presence on Zapier with over 4,000+ zaps, 123FormBuilder is the go-to tool for building any referral program you need.

Referral forms – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a referral form?

Start with a brief introduction with detailed information about the referral form. Next, add the name and other contact information about the person you are referring to, as well as the qualities and skills that make the person a suitable candidate. You can also include a story or mention events where the person’s actions stand out. Finally, add a closing argument and sign the form.

What do you put on a referral form?

A referral form commonly consists of the following parts:

  • A descriptive headline
  • An introduction
  • The person who writes the referral
  • The person who is referred
  • Details that explain the referral’s choice
  • A signature

What is a referral document?

A referral document, or a letter of recommendation, is a document that job candidates provide to their new employers when applying for a new job. The referral document contains information about the candidate’s past work experience and referrals from their former employers.