Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize a Client Consultation Form template?

Here’s a template for onboarding new customers, the client consultation for can be used for practically any type of service. There’s no need to hire a coder to have an interactive form on your website. Just drag, drop and—voilà!—you have a client consultation form for wedding planners, design services, beauty, home improvement, you name it.

How do I publish a Client Consultation Form template?

Once you build your new client consultation form, you can go live in no time! Just copy and paste to publish on your website, instantly share in an email, or post on social media. Plus, the mobile responsive design works great on phones in the waiting room. This is the client consultation form hair salons have been waiting for.

How to collect and manage data?

As people come to your spa and fill out the client consultation form cosmetology services require, the information is housed in a secure database. By integrating with a CRM such as Marketo or mailing list tool such as Mailchimp, the client consultation form skin care and eye treatments requested will be saved so you can target promotions in the future.

How to optimize processes?

After publishing your form online, you will get instant notifications each time someone hits the submit button. Look your best with a 123 Form Builder-powered client consultation form, beauty pros and users in over 185 countries trust. So don’t wrestle with paper forms. Save time and eliminate data entry with an online client consultation form skincare experts prescribe for gorgeous results.

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