Braintree Payments Forms to Power Your Online Credit Card Transactions


by 123FormBuilder

As season’s sales are fast approaching, we wish to support online businesses by adding a really special payment gateway to our family of 123FormBuilder integrations: Braintree. Reasons we are so fond of this partnership are the beauty and brains that stand out within the payment solutions that Braintree offer to all businesses and especially those that aim for an international market.

Why is “international” a key concept here? Because Braintree enables you to accept credit payments in over 130 currencies, which would be quite tough to put together if it weren’t for this gateway. This is just one of the amazing features that come within their slick interface with a well-polished design and good user experience.

Mobile payments, recurring transactions and many more handy features

By creating a Braintree payments form using 123FormBuilder you will be able to offer your customers a smooth checkout method on your website or mobile app. With Braintree it won’t take months to setup an account; not even days. Once you’ve put up your Braintree account and you’ve built your payment form with Braintree integration, the payment process goes on easily for your visitors, who will just need to enter their name and credit card number within the form to complete the transaction.

Boundaries between the web and the mobile world become very vague when it comes to business. That is why using 123FormBuilder and Braintree you have no limitation of device to receive transactions from. You can accept payments on your website as well as mobile payments with your order form, for customers who wish to pay on the go.

Moreover, as we know that you often need to charge customers at a given interval, using the 123FormBuilder integration with Braintree you will be able to take recurring payments for subscriptions or donations. Set the billing cycle as you need it and watch those payments flowing!

The implementation of a merchant account on Braintree is fast and hassle free, with total costs typically ranging from 1.8% to 2.6% of the transaction. We love that they provide free PCI compliance, as Braintree is a level 1 PCI-DSS compliant gateway. If you’d wish to create an account, just log in to start. You can enable the 123FormBuilder integration with Braintree in the form’s Settings > Applications section.

Braintree is available for merchants in United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. You can accept three major credit card types at the moment: MasterCard, American Express and Visa. The currencies your form is going to take payments in are the ones enabled in your Braintree account: over 130 possibilities. Thousands of businesses of all sizes are using this gateway to launch and carry their e-commerce. How will you innovate in your own business using 123FormBuilder + Braintree?


  1. Does your integration with Braintree allow for paypal payment as well as credit cards? We do not want a standalone paypal but do want to use our Braintree account that allows paypal. This would be an important consideration for us to return to 123FormBuilders.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi! I am looking for a way to set up a discount with my Braintree integration. I have set up the plan that has the discount with it, but it does not show up in 123formbuilder.

    For example, I want to have a deal where if they sign up for a subscription, the first 6 months will be “half off” or 5$ off, but then after the 6 months, it will go to the original price. This is a “discount” in braintree, but I cannot see how to set it up in 123formbuilder.

    Help please! 🙂

    1. Our integration with Braintree takes only the recurrence portion of the Plan ID, but not all settings in a Plan ID.
      Therefore, the amount for which recurrence is created is the one in the form, from the total paid by people.

      As long as the recurrent amount refers to the amount paid in the form by people, it cannot be changed at a specific time in the future.

      Therefore, that recurrence can be stopped after six months, if your Plan ID is set for this time period, but the amount cannot be changed.

      The solution for your desired result would be to create a second form:
      – and to add to the Braintree integration of that form another Plan ID, that would imply the rest of time period for recurrence set in it (in the Plan ID) ;
      – and to set in the form the fixed amount (as it is discounted), because for that amount a new recurrence will be created.

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