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Online surveys are powerful tools for collecting and managing data from and for your audience. They provide a clear insight on what the people you affect think, need and want, so that you can adjust your activity to their demands and opinions. The 123FormBuilder online survey tool makes survey creation, dissemination and result assessment an easy, fun and effective process.

The 123FormBuilder online survey tool

The 123FormBuilder online survey creator allows you to generate your online questionnaire as easy as 1-2-3, to publish it through various channels and to manage gathered data, so as to carry out a complete survey on your target audience.

Build your survey. You can choose form more than 20 ready-made professional surveys or create your own one. From among the wide range of available form fields, several work very well with online surveys, namely:

  • Likert scales – opinion scales that require submitters to select the grade that best describes their view on a certain statement;
  • Radio buttons – fields that provide options from which visitors have to select one;
  • Dropdown lists – lists of options from which one will be selected;
  • Checkboxes – multiple option fields (submitters can select as many options as applicable).

Publish your survey. With the 123FormBuilder online survey software, you can easily publish your questionnaire on your own website, on Facebook pages (using the 123FormBuilder application for Facebook), in WordPress or Blogger blogposts or on Google Sites. You also have the option of hosting your online survey on the 123FormBuilder website and sharing the link with all interested persons.

Online Survey Tool

Get the results. Survey results are available in different ways: You can receive all questionnaire submissions by email, access survey entries in our database (section Submissions) or view charts and reports on survey results (section Reports).

The 123FormBuilder ready-made online surveys section comprises complex surveys that apply to: business management (Corporate Climate Survey, Corporate Structure Survey, Management Evaluation), employee evaluation (360 Degree Feedback, Career Path Survey, Job Evaluation Survey), consumer/customer characteristics and behavior (Consumer Demographic Survey, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Pricing Survey), recruitment, website evaluation and many other fields and topics.

Advantages of online surveys

Online surveys turn subjective information into objective data. Opinions are rarely black or white – they usually come in grey. But this grey is exactly what you’re looking for, because it is genuine and – most important – measurable. When put together, separate and subjective viewpoints give a structured image of the general opinion. This is why an online questionnaire tool is the most loyal partner for converting individual perception into objective rating quickly and accurately.

When requested orally and unsystematically, opinions are often expressed in a vague, moderate and unhelpful manner. With an online questionnaire creator, you can ask precisely what you are interested in and get specific answers. Moreover, online surveys encourage honesty. The 123FormBuilder free questionnaire software helps you obtain qualitative data that increases your efficiency and speeds up your development.

If you don’t have an account yet, sign up on 123FormBuilder and start building your online surveys right away.

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